Bir Billing Paragliding Heaven - Soar Like a Bird - Part I

05 March 2020Arun Yadav

How Bir-Billing Paragliding Came into Picture

Bir Billing, the Paragliding destination of India is a lesser known place. Bir & Billing, Himachal Pradesh are sleepy little towns which are abuzz with adventure lovers.

Towards the fag end of the year 2018, I was looking for an adventure like I never had had before. It was also an opportunity to step into the new year revitalized. Hence, I indulged myself in extensive research to look for a travel itinerary that had loads of adventure in it. It also had to be easy to moderate in difficulty level as I was planning to take my wife and two and a half year old daughter. Included in the travel plan was another friend and his family.

When I googled for “top ten adventure activities in india” I stumbled upon a blog at where in I found mention of Bir Billing Paragliding, Himachal Pradesh as the top-most destination for unforgettable paragliding expenditure. I also found another website which offered budget packages for 3 nights tour to Bir Billing with all adventure activities such as paragliding, trekking, and mountain biking. Further I contacted Varun Sharma (travelbirbililing) and after few inquiries immediately booked 3 nights and 4 days package for 7 including my friends. The package cost was Rs. 9660 (including GST @ 5%) /person.

Itinerary of the Bir Billing Paragliding Tour Package by

Day 1/29th Dec: Arrive Bir, Trekking from Bir to Billing. (10 km /4-5 hr)

  • Arrive Bir, check in at hotel post 1200 hrs
  • Later trek to small waterfall. Trek starts from hotel and passes through pahari villages and mountain stream.
  • After trekking 2-3 hrs reach at small waterfall and
  • later return to hotel (Paul Manor) for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 3/31st Dec:- Mountain Biking and Guitarist night at Jungle Camp Oak View.

  • Post Breakfast mountain Biking session for half day. Guided mountain Biking session to Palpung Sherabling Monastery, which is 6 km from Bir and Return back to Bir on same route.
  • Cycling trail is easy to moderate in pine forest. Later transfer to Camp Oak View.
  • Guitarist and Music around Bonfire, Dinner and overnight stay at Camp Oak View – Jungle Camp

The Forgettable Bus Journey

Though the heading here might seems mis-spelled, but there isn’t a spelling error in the heading. The bus journey we undertook to reach Bir was truly a forgettable experience. Perhaps the only part of our trip that we would like to forget. Except me and my friend Sunil, everyone else (including most of the other travelers in the bus) spent the few last hours taking our their intestines in vomiting bags. My wife and my daughter were the worst hit and I was shit scared. Thankfully we had enough vomiting bags in the bus.

Only when we de-boarded the AC bus (Himsuta) at Hotel Paul Manor, Bir, our destination, around 9 in the morning of 29 Dec, did the horror end. Thankfully everyone felt as fresh as ever and we didn’t need to see any doctor.

Day I – Hotel Paul Manor, Bir

Hotel Paul Manor, Chogan Chowk, Bir
This hotel – Paul Manor – Chogan Chowk, Bir is located on the main road itself and it was of great convenience as the bus from Delhi dropped us right in front of it. As usual, this place has all modern amenities, including geysers, clean toilets, and – above all – great food. The staff was extremely helpful and we were ready in no time after having our showers for our first trek of the day. The hotel staff gave us lunch packets which contained light snacks and packaged juices.

Trek through village to small stream

The trek extremely easy as there was no steep climbs. It was perfect to lift our spirits after a horrible bus journey. Our tour operator had assigned us with a local guide as well. We took our time and trekked at our pace through the Bir village, clicking and chatting all along the way. A stream followed all along our trek and there is nothing more fascinating than listening to the music of water gurgling through huge rocks and boulders.

We didn’t proceed all the way to our destined place, and instead after trekking for almost an hour, chose to let ourselves loose and enjoy the surroundings. I was carrying my daughter on my shoulders all the way along, and as a result I decided against lengthening our first trek.

Having spent ample time in the trek, we trekked back to the hotel and roamed around in the local market. Shops were few but had almost all the thins we needed (thankfully we didn’t need much).

During dinner we were served the usual North Indian cuisine with Shahi Paneer and Dal Makhni. We had our fill and retired to our respective rooms with eyes on the next day because the very next day we had a date with the BLUE SKIES OF BILLING.

To continue reading go to Part II of this blog.

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