How to use Travel Diary?

You don’t need to be traveling to an exotic place to write on Travel Diary. Your writing can start with a family vacation or a weekend getaway. All you need is a destination and your are eligible enough to write on Travel Diary. Even writing about a weekend spent in your own town, city, village at a place you love to hangout, is appreciated. Travel Diary wants to inculcate in you a habit to write and make you memories last forever.

Use Travel Diary to plan your trip & help others plan theirs

Travel Diary becomes your space to share before your trip has even started. Use Travel Diary to start planning the things you want to do by learning from the experience of other travelers. Their recommendations and advices can come handy when traveling to a particular place.

Use Travel Diary to plan the things you want to do. It can be anything from a cool restaurant you want to eat at, a hike you want to go on or different sights you want to see. Write down whatever is on your trip check-list, so you don’t forget it.

Same way when you write about your traveling experiences on Travel Diary, you enable others to plan their travel.

Write even before you visit a place

You can write on Travel Diary even before you have visited a place. Write about the expectations you have, the things you plan to do and experiences you imagine to encounter. Once on the trip you can use your post at Travel Diary to compare between what you expected and what you actually experienced. An absolute fun way to explore your trips.

Record your trip on the go

How long do you remember the exact details of everything seen or experience on trip, the name of particular shop, a peculiar person you interacted with? It is always easier to remember things when they are fresh in your brain, so try and write as much as you can while traveling. Every day if you can.

Write small posts on Travel Diary, and highlight what you feel was most important or exciting about that particular day. How did you feel during your visit to the local market? What did you smell, taste and hear? What did you buy, and why from that place? Did you learn something new from the person you spoke to at the shop? Were you surprised by something you saw locals doing? What was the view from the top of the mountain like?

Add pictures to your journal

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Uploading pictures with your posts on Travel Diary, will make your travel more authentic and memorable. We at Travel Diary provide you with options to upload upto 10 images with each post, so you can keep your pictures and words connected and organized.

Help other stay away from trouble

Not all our trips go the way we want them to. If you had a particularly bad experience on your trip your post sharing your experience will help others to stay away from trouble. Advise your readers to avoid a hotel, place, food, or activity. People are going to love you for doing that and doesn’t want to be loved.

Write your experience now……