Kasol- Heaven for Trekkers

27 October 2018Pankaj

The Ultimate Need for Adventure

How do you feel after a long month of boring routine work and mundane living? Desperate for adventure? Yes, I too was desperate for some adventure and wanted to get out of the daily mundane activities of office. Many among us get the same feeling every month or even after a hectic week, but only lucky or say bold few get a chance to break this routine and explore new places or things. I created myself an opportunity and decided to leave everything behind in Delhi and visit some place far off. I and my friend agreed on Kasol.

Parvati River flowing through Kasol. The reflection of the surrounding vegetation gives it a green look.

Kasol is a small yet beautiful place in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It is along the banks of Parvati River and somewhere between Bhuntar and Manikaran. Manikaran is pretty close, around 3-5 kms only. It is considered a hot-spot for trekking and attracts a lot of backpackers from around the world.

The Journey Begins

We took a Volvo to Kasol which cost us ₹ 1250/Person. The bus leaves late in the evening around 10 pm from Majnu ka Tila (DELHI) near Civil Lines metro station. I reached Kasol via Bhuntar around noon next day . I was not in a mood to stay in some brick and mortar place and ruin the view, so we decided to go for camping. We I booked a riverside camp from an organizer going by the name Kasol Camps at ₹700 on twin-sharing basis. After settling down in the camps we moved out to explore and enjoy the beauty of Kasol.

Trek to Mini Israel of India – Village Chalal

At first we covered a trek of 3km which ended at village called Chalal, very famous for his scenic beauty and tranquil surroundings. The river Parvati gurgles her way through this entire village.

The village is also knows as Mini Israel of Himachal for its rich heritage and strong Jewish history. As per official records, among all foreigners visiting Kasol, above 70% are from Israel. Even the signboards are in Hebrew that indicate their love for this place. A lot of groups of Israeli Backpackers can be spotted at this place. A heaven for people looking for Hash (Hashish). You can openly smoke Hash without the fear of getting into legal troubles. The song that came to my lips ………………हर फिक्र को धुएं में………………हर फिक्र को धुएं में उड़ाता चला गया…(legendary Devanand Saheb).

Dancing to tunes of the Israeli Music

After returning from the Chalal trek we had dinner while engulfing ourselves in Israeli music and dance all around. The bonfire was lit and so were our spirits. It was as if the whole world has caught a ride on ‘Merry-go-around’ and joy was the only thing visible around us. It truly made our day.

The small yet spirited bonfire.

The places to visit around Kasol

Kheer-Ganga Trek

You must embark on Kheerganga trek which is full of Topsy-curvy terrain and takes almost 4.5 hours to cover it. It would probably be wise to never trek it in rainy season because there is no proper accommodation along this trek. Though you get many refreshment shops on the way. On the top you will be greeted with beautiful snow clad Himalayan range a hot water spring ‘Parvati Kund’. Find below some images that I picked from google search to help inspire me to come back for my next trek.

We would have loved to trek to Kheerganga but due to certain issues decided to keep it for our next trip.


Manikaran is only 4 kms from Kasol village and is famous for its hot water springs which are believed to alleviate joint pains and help treat many other medical issues. It is a pilgrimage centre for Hindus and Sikhs. There are many temples and a gurudwara. Manikaran also has an experimental geothermal energy plant set up.

Tosh & Malana Village

Beautiful Valley of Tosh

Tosh is around 22 kms from Kasol and one can start the trek from Bharshaini – another small village. It has beautiful surroundings with streams and lush green meadows. For Bharshaini to tosh it is 7-8 kms which takes around 4-5 hours or trekking. It is an easy trek. There are lots of guest houses in Tosh where you can stay and also get good food.

Malana is 13 kms from kasol. You can take a vehicle to Jari and from there begin trekking to Malana. The total trek distance is 4-5 kms and is considered easy. If you are daring enough, do not take it as a challenge, you could trek all the way from Kasol to Malana via Chalal-Rasol Pass, but I would advise taking along a local guide who knows the ways around Parvati Valley.

Malana is must visit for the lovers of Hashish. Stoners will find it a heaven for themselves.

That is all for this posts guys. Thanks for reading. I will be back with more soon.

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