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10 October 2018Sangeeta

Journey has already started just take initiative…..never stop exploring as it gives you self knowledge that is latent in you?

The trip came as a pleasant surprise from my organisation. I was chosen as a member of the group of counselors chosen to conduct workshops in Central School of Tibetans Mussoorie – the first ever school built specially for Tibetan Children. It was founded by our first Prime Minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru Ji.

I was coming to end of my internship at Moolchand Hospital, when I was presented with this rare opportunity to visit this school and interact with Tibetans Children. I grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

Delhi to Dehradun

The whole route was planned by the organisation and we boarded Dehradun Shatabdi as it takes only 5 hours to reach its destination. We had our seats in AC Chair Car. It was my first experience with shatabdi and it came with pleasantries. Meals were served every hour or so, snacks, tea, lunch….I was feeling a little pampered. We kept munching on something or other for the whole journey.

Dehradun to Mussoorie

My organisation had booked taxis in advance, so I am not in a position to tell much about it. If you are on a tight budget you may take a roadways bus to Mussoorie.

We halted at a temple of Shiva on the way. What really caught my eye there was this notice board saying “भगवान हम सबको पैसे देते है। भगवान को पैसे चढ़ाने की कोशिश न करें।”

The notice board at the temple that amazed me

At least, somebody had the common sense to understand the futility of offering money or other articles to GOD.

OYO Dwaper Hotel

We checked into OYO Dwaper Hotel located near Library Chowk. The services of the hotel were average but the ‘Morning Sunrise’ made up for it. Do not miss the morning sunrise here. The hotel was located at a place from where we could easily get to famous attractions of Mussoorie.

Places I visited

After finishing workshops at the school – which was a lot of fun, as I got to learn about Tibetan cultures and traditions from the children – I and my colleagues went out to explore Mussoorie.

Tibetan Market

Adjacent to Mussoorie Mall Road is Tibetan Market, where closely crammed stalls took me back to Delhi’s markets. It is good place to buy clothes, shawls, wall hangings and much more at cheap rates, but only if you are good at bargaining. You bargaining skills will be tested here.

Night Out at Library Chowk

Brimming with people at night, the Library Chowk comes alive with stupendous energy at night. Never before I had been happier seeing so many people at one place. The crowd in Delhi gets on your nerves but here it fills you with excitement.

Books and The Bond –

If you are a fan of The Bond – Ruskin Bond, you might be in luck to meet him at The Cambridge Book Depot near Library Chowk, where The Bond himself makes public appearance on every Saturday. I am a huge fan myself, but unlucky as Saturday was not a part of our trip. Alas! I wished I could stay longer only to meet the legend himself.

Chaar Dukan at Landour

The name in itself describes the whole place. In our country everything starts with ‘Chaar(four)’ – ‘Chaar Baatein’, ‘Chaar Log’ etc. The place has a cluster of four shops where you can enjoy Pakoras, Coffee, Maggie, Pancakes and many delicious food items. The taste is great but greater is the view from there. Sit here to eat and savor the view around you.

Kempty Falls

Had I known that the place would be so crowded I would have stayed away. It is no doubt beautiful with the noise of the fall filling in like a music, but you will rarely find a place to sit and lose yourself in the surroundings. I would suggest going to a place little far from Kempty Falls where they charge you Rs. 100/- and enjoy the nature from there.

A peaceful place just a little distance away from Kempty Falls

Dalai Hills

None should forget visiting this place in Mussoorie as it has in store the best views of Mussoorie. A windy, peaceful, rejuvenating and mesmerizing place. The weather here changes much like my mood, always unpredictable. The breeze here is cool and refreshing “बिना मिलावट की हवा”.

These surrounding are no less than heaven on earth.

The First Buddha Temple

The temple where Dalai Lama used to spend his time meditating. Another peaceful and serene place.

First Buddha Temple

JW Marriott (Wisteria Deck)

Go here with a pocket full of money as it comes costly. Though costly, it has the best view after Dalai Hills. We had ‘Latte’ & ‘Pasta’ here. You would not regret not going there though. Stick to Dalai Hills for better views of Mussoorie Valley.

Posing at JW Marriot

We concluded our trip and the workshops at Central School for Tibetans, and with a heavy heart left Mussoorie for Delhi. Even in the month of May the breeze of Mussoorie felt like the breeze of Monsoon in Delhi. I would suggest you to visit the place in summers to get respite from the sweltering heat of Delhi.

Thanks for reading.

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