'Mussoorie' The Queen of Hill Stations

09 November 2018padho padhao

Yaron ki Yaari Aur Mussoorie ki Sawaari

It being an all boys trip, all of us were very extremely excited about our trip to Mussoorie . It was also an accidental trip for me and my friends. By accidental I mean an unplanned trip. The idea occurred to one of us and rest of us just went with it. We took our vehicle which was convenient for us as always. I never like the idea of traveling in the bus. Driving our own vehicle gives us much more freedom and ample opportunity to enjoy the journey itself. If we happened to spot a picturesque place on the way, we stopped, admired the scenery to our heart’s content, clicked pictures and when we had enough of it, we moved along. “सुहाना सफर और ये मौसम हसीन, हमे ड़र है हम खो न जाए कहीं…..”

The Worst Maggie I ever Had

On our way to Mussoorie we got hungry and decided to eat something. We stopped by a road side kiosk as we didn’t wish to wait for a better option. I do not remember the name of that stall but I surely remember that it was where I had the worst ‘Maggie’ ever. I was appalled as well as disgusted on learning that there are people who could screw a simple ‘2 Minute Noodle’.

One of the Many Budget Hotels We Stayed In

When we finally reached our destination, and we perched ourselves in one budget hotel. There are many in Mussoorie. The road to the hotel was slight uphill and off the mall road. The hotel staff welcomed us with a big smile and lot of warmth. They offered us an executive room on the first floor, which was neat and clean, an offer we could not resist. After all it was very economical among all other hotels around there. And it was not long before we realized that it had to be the most affordable as we were not the only ones sharing it. A hoard of monkeys were always roaming around the hotel. Above all the meals provided by them were also not up to the mark. ‘वैसे भी हम दिल्ली वालों को दिल्ली से बाहर का खाना कम ही पसंद आता है।’

Visit to Company Bagh

Early next morning we went to visit Company Bagh. I would recommend it to every one. You would really enjoy the beauty of mountains on your way up there. Once you reach there with your family there are couple of rides for kids that they can enjoy. There is a lake where you can enjoy boating if you are fond of it.

Yes that coke belongs to me! I didn’t want to ruin my pose so I let it pose for itself.

The Fall of Kempty Fall

Yes the pun is intended. The Kempty fall isn’t what you would imagine. Yes it is grand, yes it is natural, but it is nowhere close to being a place you would love to spend time. It has become a money sucking place, and we did not enjoy it as much as we had hoped.

On the way to Kempty fall we saw LBSNAA (Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration ), the ultimate dream of every Civil Services (UPSC) aspirant. The place where successful candidates train to become the administrators of India’s future.

View of a distant dream – Lal Bahadur Shashtri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie

A Time Spent Well

After my visit to Kempty Fall I had lost interest in visiting places. So we decided to spend time roaming Mall Road and have those unfinished conversations. The conversations that formed the very basis of our existence. Conversations that motivated us to go along in our struggle to secure a job. I rather enjoyed my time spent with my friends having a cup of tea than visiting too many places in too little a time.

This is my first ever post and perhaps the first experience that I am sharing in the public space. Will share more in the coming future and hope you would like it better the next time around. Till then, thank you for reading.

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