Trek to Beas Kund, Solang Valley, Himachal

09 October 2018Arun Yadav

Opportunity Created

All those who made to the Beas Kund, including the one clicking this pic 🙂

In September 2016, I was chosen by my organisation to be part of Trekking Team to Beas Kund. Beas Kund is a natural pond located in the Dhauladhar Range of Himalayas at a height of 3650 Meters from sea level. DDA organises treks for its employees every year as part of recreational facilities. I was chosen for a second time for the trek, my previous one was a trek to Mani Mahesh, Bharmour, Himachal. There is another post by me on Mani Mahesh Trek.


We were provided with a list of items to carry for the trek by our organisation. There was no need to do extensive preparations, DDA had taken care of most of that. On the destined day, we boarded the Bus booked by DDA from Kashmiri Gate Bus Terminal and began our journey.

Base Camp at Manali

Our base camp at Manali

The base camp was setup at Manali, where we were to acclimatise ourselves with the environment. I do not recall the name of the camp organiser distinctly but he was a man of discipline and management. Though the food in particular was not to our taste, it was perhaps best suited for the conditions of trekking.

The length of the whole trek from Manali – Solang – Dhundhi – Beas Kund is 32 Kms approx. Therefore the whole trek was divided into 3 parts keeping in view some of the older members of our group.

The ‘Jogini’ waterfall

We went on a warm-up trek to a nearby waterfall ‘Jogini’ and then to a temple where we took a dip in natural hot water spring. The water smelled of sulphur and was unbearable at first. A relaxing bath anyways.

First leg of the trek – Manali to Solang Valley

Our camp at Solang Valley

In the first part of the trek we hiked our way through small villages and curvy roads to Solang Valley, where other camp waited for us with hot food. There was not much to see in this trek but the fresh air filled the lungs and the pleasant weather made it worth the walk. After lunch we visited the temple of Anjani Mahadev, where the ‘Shiv-Linga’ was directly under a natural fall, and it was quite a mesmerizing view.

Waterfall above the Shiva-Linga at Anjani Mahadev – Solang Valley
The ever bathing Shiva-Linga at Anjani Mahadev

Second Leg of the Trek – Solang Valley to Dhundi

Beautiful Clouds
Small stream

More roads, more barren mountains, not much fun. But the fun lying ahead pulled us to Dhundi. In Fact, it was a tiring stretch and we just wanted to reach Dhundi and call it a day. Upon reaching Dhundi we met with a beautiful, and loud waterfall. I dipped my feet into the freezing cold water, which made my feet numb, but took the pain away. We spent the night in the tents put up by the organiser. The noise of the waterfall made it an exotic place. If you are travelling by your own vehicle, you can go as far as Dhundi, after that you only have your feet to rely upon.

Third Leg of the Trek – Dhundi to Beas Kund

In order to avoid a scorching sun, we began our trek to Beas Kund early in the morning. We had our breakfast packed and planned to return back to the camp at Dhundi by lunch. This part of the trek was the even more challenging. The scenery around and funny colleagues kept us going. We reached Bakarthach around 7 am and devoured our breakfast immediately.

The trek became treacherous and daunting after Bakarthach, as we had to climb over huge…. no monstrous boulders to make our way through. Some of the older members of the group back trekked their way to camp at Dhundi. But we kept going. Our progress was slow due to the fact that we had to tread those boulders carefully as some of those could slide and cause a havoc. It took us 4 hours to trek 350 M. Indeed it is an easy guess how difficult it was to trek those boulders.

Look at those boulders we had to cross on our way to Beas Kund

Beas Kund

That is heap of wool on my shoulders – sheard from sheep
A selfie with Beas Kund

Around 11 am we reached our destination to meet a serene pond basking in the glory of Dhauladhar Range of Himalayas. The calm and cold water of the Kund took our tiredness away and filled us with a new energy. We stayed there for half an hour and then trekked our way back to the camp at Dhundi, reaching just in time for evening tea at 4 pm. Missing our lunch was nothing to regret, for we had achieved much more.

My advice

If you are planning to go on a trek to Beas Kund, you should consider taking good two pair of shoes along. I had my trusty Woodland which did awesome in the entire trek. Do not be picky about food there. You need to eat light.

Thanks for reading friends. Will be back with more.

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